10 Dating Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Acting desperate and more faux pas that will send your date running for the door.
What bugs men most on a date? Find out the top 10 turn-offs on their hate list.

1. Talking too much about 'me, me, me'

One of the number one terror dates on guys' list are women who talk non-stop about themselves - their interests, their work, their dreams, their vacation, their shopping. Women who hog the conversation are not only displaying impoliteness and lack of consideration, but are also ultimate bores - who really cares about your latest handbag spree or your blotched hair perm job 2 years ago?

2. Asking too personal questions

Are you scaring your date with inappropriate questions? As crazy as it might sound, some women actually start asking questions like "When do you plan on getting married?" or "How many women have you slept with?" on the first date. Questions of a personal nature can embarrass the guy and put him in a spot. Stop interrogating him like a felon and stick to more general questions, such as his interests instead.

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