Do Looks Really Matter?

We ask, men 'fess up.
Beauty is only skin deep, or is it? Is physical appearance really that important to men? We ask them to 'fess up. Here's what they have to say about women's beauty and their dating preferences:

His Say 1:
"Everything else being equal, looks are definitely a bonus. She has to look presentable at least. But then again, beauty is more than just looks, it has to do with some X-factor as well. I know a few 'plain-looking' women who have more suitors than their prettier friends, because they have incredible charisma."
-- Samuel, 33, public relations executive

His Say 2:
"Yes. If a man tells you otherwise, he's a liar. Guys are still hot-blooded visual creatures, no matter what. Let a man choose between a looker and an ugly girl, see which one he picks."
-- Jeremiah, 26, sales executive

His Say 3:
"Having a kind heart and good morals is more precious. In this materialistic and superficial world, beautiful women - natural and fake - are everywhere, but nice girls are hard to come by."
-- Vincent, 29, manager

His Say 4:
"I'd love to say no, but looks do matter -- and it's not just us guys. Turn the table around, and not many women will bother with a second glance at fat or balding men either. Beautiful people get more attention -- that's a fact. But having said that, you'd need more than just physical beauty alone to sustain long-term relationships like marriage."
-- Edwin, 27, educator

His Say 5:
"Not really. Looks are only a priority in puppy-love relationships. Love based entirely on physical attractiveness is lame -- it's only infatuation, and it won't last for long."
-- Tim, 22, medical student

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