Poll: Should The Guy Pay For The First Date?

news / 2011-03-28

Why attractive women are less likely to go Dutch.
Do you expect your date to pay for the dinner? Are you for or against going Dutch? Who knew there's quite a bit of psychology at work here: Attractive women are less likely to offer to split the bill on a first date, according to a new British study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

Researchers at St Andrews University showed over 400 men and women pictures of a hypothetical "date" and asked who should pay for the dinner date. They could choose between paying for the entire meal, splitting the bill or letting their date pick up the tab. The results revealed that attractive women were less likely to want to contribute towards the costs. Why?

Women think a guy should pay, perhaps as a way of making him invest in their future. "They quite literally bring more to the table, so they expect the other person to pick up the tab or expect to pay for the bill," says researcher Michael Stirrat.

There's one exception: If a woman is uninterested in the guy, she is more likely to insist on paying or going Dutch to avoid giving him any wrong ideas.

It's a different strategy for men, though. Guys who enjoy the date will offer to pay for the meal -- it's his way of saying he's interested and would like to see the woman again.

Overall, 45 percent of women said they would expect their date to foot the bill, compared to just 30 percent of the men.

Do you expect the guy to foot the bill? Share your comments below.

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