Coping with His Roving Eye


My boyfriend is a nice guy, except that he has an annoying habit of checking out other women while he is with me. His ogling makes me feel unattractive and unloved. However, he maintains that it's just a reflex and it doesn't mean anything. Am I over-reacting? Please help.

Let's face it: All men have an eye for a pretty face and a shapely body. Truth is, we check out good-looking guys all the time, too. The difference is we do that subtly and politely so it wouldn't bruise our man's ego. So, whether or not you're over-reacting depends on how he's checking out those women:

If he's literally transfixed by passing boobs and drools shamelessly at the sight of perky butts, that's called leching and of course, it's completely unacceptable and disrespectful.

There's one thing you can do to even the score and get back at him: Give him a taste of his own medicine and start openly checking out the hot hunks in his presence. Sooner or later, he'll notice, get angry at your behavior and ask you to stop. Tell him that you'll stop when he does. Hopefully, it'll put an end to his sleazy stares.

But if his ogling is more like occasional glances at hot-looking women, well, annoying it may be, but that doesn't translate into cheating or a potential for infidelity. Your insecurity could be a result of your overly possessive nature. You've said yourself that he's a nice guy, so learn to face it and move on.

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