The Worst Pickup Lines Ever

Shoppinglifestyle readers reveal (gasp!) the silliest lines men used on them.

From cheesy to overused to the downright lame, we've put together some of the worst pickup lines around -- submitted by Shoppinglifestyle readers. Moral of the story? Pickup lines don't work, but they're definitely great for a laugh.

Pickup lines: The clichés

  1. "Did we meet before? You look familiar." -- finn

  2. "How do you feel about love at first sight?"

  3. "Excuse me, are you a model?" -- lyndi

  4. "What's your sign?"

  5. "You look like you're waiting for someone." -- eve

  6. "Something tells me we have a lot in common. How should we find out?"

  7. "Here's my number. What's yours?"

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